Saturday, November 12, 2005


It is funny how the Lord slips in on you. This has been a crazy semester, as evidenced in part by my lack of posting! This week, as I was trying to catch up on some work that had been due the previous day, my heart began to ache. It was a physical ache that I'd felt before when the Holy Spirit had been working deeply on me. It seemed a quite strange time for Him to be working deeply. I was just sitting on the couch reading for class. I had carved out time every day to be with the Lord, but it seemed He wanted to show me his deep work outside of that time. I had also been working on a new painting (well, really I just had a piece of canvas tacked to the wall) and after the moment I felt the ache in my heart, I knew I needed to start drawing it out. So, I did. He created connections in several areas of my life that I knew He had been working, all in those few moments of unexpected creativity and intimacy with Him.

I don't know why He chose to reveal himself at that time, and in that way. Maybe so I would more fully realize that nothing I can do can make Him move. He is moving because He loves me. Ironically, I think it was a time when he could truly get my attention.