Monday, April 23, 2007


This painting is the first in the triptych on the life of Christ. Both this image and the previous post are 4 by 6 foot canvases. This painting is from a line in a Wesley hymn that spoke of the Incarnation as "the Godhead contracted to a span." A span was typically known as the length of a hand. The colors are meant to be reminiscent of the blood and water that flowed from Christ in both his birth and his death.


Haven't posted in forever, but I've been working on my masters thesis. It is seeking to explore an aesthetic theology through a Wesleyan lens. I am basing my research on the hymns of Charles Wesley and reflecting visually on the hymns. This image is based on a hymn and a scripture from Isaiah about one who "treads the winepress alone." It is a work in progress.