Monday, September 05, 2005

Creation Healed

This semester at Asbury we are trying to have an art show at the same time as our annual Kingdom Conference, which focuses on mercy and justice, and celebrates the fullness of God's Kingdom. We celebrate all the cultures represented at the school, and missions and ministry organizations share what they are doing around the world. This year's theme is Creation Healed. We are asking students, spouses, faculty, and staff to contribute visual reflections on how the Lord is working healing in their lives personally and corporately. The hope is that the show will be personally and Kingdom-formative for those who create and view the art. I also pray that we will come to more fully understand the balance of art standards and creative formation. Friday I realized what an appropriate time it was for this themed show because of all of the destruction in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Lord, help us to worship and promote justice, healing, and reconciliation through our creativity!