Sunday, July 03, 2005

Try number two...welcome to my blog!

Hey friends,
This is my second attempt at a blog...I'm not sure what happened the first time. This time, though, it is working! I am in Vancouver, British Columbia studying art and theology at Regent College. I am currently taking a course called "The Spiritual Vision of the Great Artists". We walked through a bit of art history and church history, and are now taking each day to investigate the spiritual life of a different artist. We have studied Durer and Michelangelo so far. I must say the class is fascinating. What passion is required to be a true artist! It seems that early in life Michelangelo's art was fueled by a mix of his own talent, pride, and a drive to create, whereas later in life, by the Creator, Himself. We seem to be born with an innate drive to create, in one way or another, but it often takes a lifetime to understand even a touch of what we are doing: participating in worship and redemption with the Lord (how frighteningly humbling)! In conclusion of this brief statement, I have decided that I MUST go to Italy. Simply watching videos of the Sistine Chapel ceiling brought tears. But, for now, it is nice to be in a class surrounded by people who have similar passions.

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Miles said...

Shan... definitely go to Italy!

I am glad to hear that you are enjoying Canada. My mom has a very good friend who lives in Vancouver. She was one of my mom's translators when she was in Russia years ago. I'll try and get you here email address cause I think you would enjoy meeting here.

It is great to be around like-minded people isn't it?